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The Saratoga Debit Card functions much like a conventional debit card in that funds are credited to a card account and can be accessed through a secure personal identification number (PIN) when the card's magnetic stripe is swiped at a point of sale (POS) at authorized terminal or automated teller machine (ATM).

Using magnetic stripe technology and a comprehensive Internet back-end to manage pre-paid card fund information, a cardholder may deposit, withdraw, transfer, purchase, and pay bills using the card as a virtual bank. Holding funds in multiple currencies,

Saratoga Electronic Solutions utilizes the Internet, ATM and POS machines globally where Interac, Cirrus, and Maestro are available.
Our secure platform supports Merchant Reseller and Corporate Client, Program Management, Cardholder Account Management, Card Distribution and other essential services for business partners globally.

How it works
A card holder’s transaction request is directed through a switching company operating on the Interac, Cirrus or Maestro network to the appropriate banking institution and an approval or denial of the transaction is returned to the switch in milliseconds.


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